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Cheap International Calls
Pay as you Go Rates
Customers should opt-in by texting PLAN AHORRO to 2525 to be eligible to get the above special rates. Customer who did not opt-in PLAN AHORRO tariff will be charged at a standard rate.



Lycamobile Plans 
    €30 15
    /30 Days
    New SIM orders only
    Ilimitado XXL
    • 20 GB + 2GB FREENational Data
    • EU Roaming
  • 20
    /30 Days
    New SIM orders only
    Ilimitado XL
    • 10 GB + 2GB FREENational Data15 GB for online SIM purchase
    • EU Roaming
  • 20
    Price 30 /30 Days
    Ilimitado Superior
    • UnlimitedInternational calls to Mexico, USA, United Kingdom and [More]
    • UnlimitedNational Calls
    • UnlimitedNational SMS
    • 5 GBNational Data
Cheap calls from Spain to Connection charge - 37,9 cts
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